Description: An orchestral epic western cue, heroic with choir and full orchestra, close to some Ennio Morricone music. Perfect for documentaries, commercials and trailer.

Description: A mix of dubstep and orchestral feels make for this epic, uplifting underscore. Great for youtube videos and video game play throughs, film and tv use, video games, and any time you just need to listen to some good music. Stems available for additional fee, contact customer support for more info.

Description: Strange movement filled the world. Mystical fairytale track for stories or games.

Description: A New Beginning is a cinematic piece with a modern four-on-the-floor beat for a bit of a futuristic / sci-fi feel. Suits adventurous parts of films, adverts, epic games. It also works really well in a corporate context. At 1:36 there is a breakdown with a beautiful cello solo.

Description: magical music, medieval instruments, a dream through time

Description: a progressive fast pace futuristic song.

Description: This modern epic 2 part film trailer begins with big drums, percussion, piano and strings with a mysterious and heartwarming nostalgic feeling theme which builds to a dramatic transition into an energetic band that takes us to a climatic conclusion. Great for any video or projects that needs compelling and emotional cue that takes the listener on a musical journey.

Description: Sad, meditative and theatrical style underscore, with a suggestive, piano melody which is later accompanied by strong rhythmic patterns on drums and by the orchestral instruments to create a suspenseful, epic, cinematic atmosphere. Very good for mysterious, sad, serious, atmospheric presence etc. scenes in drama genres.

Description: bouncy staccato strings throughout with full orchestral accompaniament.

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