Description: Inspirational and uplifting background music. Energetic and powerful track with motivational mood. Great for motivational and inspiring video, commercial, sport motivation, business presentation, corporate video, advertising, promotion, YouTube video and many more!

Description: Dynamic adventure cinematic tense piano music.

Description: This epic hybrid cinematic track is perfect for trailers, promos, reels and any emotional dramatic action project! Full range of orchestral instruments is used here including orchestral strings, violins, cellos, violas, basses, brass, french horns, orchestral drums and percussions mixed with a rich variety of modern synths to add that powerful Hollywood feeling to your project!

Description: Cinematic music with low and epic brass, orchestral strings staccato and spiccato, symphonic choirs and powerful drums. Suitable for video production, you tube, advertise and presentation, apps, gameplay and video game review. Also is perfect for extreme and tension moments, as well as drone or GoPro video. Can be useful for sport and motivational visual row from victory and achievements to dramatic and nostalgic moments.

Description: An exciting electro funky track, featuring hard beat drums, effected guitars and synthesizers. Its dynamic force makes it a perfect background for action scenes.

Description: A powerful warrior soundtrack for an epic blockbuster. Historical Irish epic with massive cinematic battles. In this music, we hear thunder, explosions of action drums, and the warlike cries of the Irish. Bagpipe leads the main theme. She plays a militant, inspirational melody and sets up a great victory! The Irish flute supports the epic mood. Brass add heroism. If you need a powerful background for an epic movie, a trailer, then this is a wonderful option! Feel the real spirit of Ireland!

Description: An epic adventurous Pirate style piece. Big marching percussion along with a full orchestra of soaring strings, epic brass and winds.

Description: This action music combines a dramatic vibe with powerful energy. The haunting pads are contrasted by a booming low end, rhythmic synths, and an aggressive lead to create a track perfect for film, drama, war, games and more.

Description: Cinematic orchestral theme commanding excitement and drama, this heart-racing, action-packed piece ignites the courage and determination found only in an underdog warrior consciously rushing into the wings of a mightier foe. Lacking strength in numbers, this warrior will stop at nothing and fight to the death to protect what is sacred. This powerful music charges the spirit with an insatiable hunger for victory.

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