Description: Huge orchestral piece with large brass and dramatic string passages. This piece is fitting for an action film.

Description: Dark orchestral piece building towards large climax and resolution. Ideal for action/fight scene.

Description: Orchestra piece with sweeping passages, lyrical melodies, and dramatic swells that builds to a triumpant ending.

Description: Light-hearted, jazzy, and comical orchestral piece.

Description: Magical orchestral piece expressing wonder and the joy of discovery. Ideal for uplifting film scene.

Description: Somber strings transition into percussive middle eastern strings, vocals, and haunting woodwinds.

Description: Nervous orchestral piece with unsettling timing and complex harmonies.

Description: Majestic orchestral piece with expressive brass and strings. The piece evolves into a grand finale. Ideal for action/adventure film scene.

Description: Epic orchestral piece with dramatic brass melodies, lyrical woodwinds, and gothic chorus. Ideal for action/adventure/fantasy film.

Description: Dark and ominous orchestral piece that builds to a massive violent climax.

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