Description: Fast and hard chase scene. Percussion elements only.

Description: A beautifully written intense action piece in the style of Hans Zimmer. Check this one out!

Description: Industrial / orchestral hybrid, perfect for combat scenes with a sense of doom.

Description: Chase in the Marketplace is tense, full of action, breaks, rises, builds and climaxes and will keep you on the edge of your seat. It's a high-paced action track that is well-suited to film / movies, games and high-energy visuals and has an ethnic feel to it due to the 'arabic' scale used in the composition.

Description: Very energetic music with epic drums, hard rhythm of drums, symphonic orchestra, guitars. Very rich harmonies and saturated melodic lines on strings.This composition is ideal for: trailers films, intense fascinating moments and in scenes of battles in films, video, computer games and not only!!!

Description: Mighty orchestral tension, epic battle or adventurous competition music. Thrilling staccato brass, cinematic strings, rumbling timpani and crashing cymbals. Heroic style, tales of bravery and legendary deeds. Variants: 1:08 / 1:03 Loop. See also related track: To Battle.

Description: A big and climactic dark, sinister and orchestral big beat track that kicks into a big chorus led by pounding drums. Chaotic, punching and action-packed rhythms accompany a fast cinematic string section in this powerful and upbeat / uplifting soundtrack. Fast tempo and good for productions requiring energy and pace like games, virals and adverts to short films etc.

Description: loud and percussive, it was written with an explosion in mind. it is rhythmic and big orchestral, and then quiets down to piano.

Description: Cinematic action trailer – intense powerful feeling! Inspired by Hans Zimmer, John Powell, Immediate Music, Two Steps From Hell etc! Description of ” Cinematic Action Trailer”: Starts with deep impacts and big drums. The music gets more cinematic with big pounding action drums and fast strings and deep brass. “Cinematic action trailer” is music in style of big cinematic Hollywood action music. Made for cinematic action, cut scene ina sci fi film or video game, action video game trailer, action video montage, ominous action film, hunt chasing scene, powerful game show contest etc. Immediate Music, trailer, John Powell, cinematic,Two Steps From Hell, trailer, action drums, action music, action trailer, olympics, competition, action video, big pounding, drums, chasing, dramatic cinematic action, film, cinematic dramatic trailer, contest, epic, big, epic dramatic trailer, fast dramatic, challenge, fast strings, game, game show, hans zimmer, heroic, hollywood, action, hunt, impacts, intense, dramatic video, montage, new,ominous, orchestral, pompous,powerful, sci fi, sports, strong, triumphant, video game cut scene,

Description: Earth-shuddering ethnic action track with tribal drums and dirty, dark bassline