Description: action piece that contains suspense and thrusts into a grooving rhythm.

Description: Upbeat, powerful modern Pop/ Hip Hop track with driving beat and cool, catchy synths.

Description: Powerful, edgy rock track with solid groove, dark guitars and mysterious synths. Great for action, mysterious, sci fi scene.

Description: Solid beat with dark, mysterious synths. Great for sci-fi, mysterious scene.

Description: Dark, mysterious electronic track with hard, spooky synths and solid beat. Great for mystery, suspense, sci fi scene.

Description: Mellow electronic track with solid groove and quirky synths. Mysterious and spacey atmosphere.

Description: Hard Rock track with cool beat, dark guitar riffs and sweeping lead.

Description: High-energy action/adventure track with driving beat, synths and strings. Great for chase scene.

Description: Upbeat action track with solid groove, synths and flowing strings.