Description: A modern action film in the style of Marvel / Transformers / X Men / The Matrix! A powerful and scary piano melody starts off, with the track kicking in around 1 minute 12 with a huge apocalyptic style dramatic strings and choir melody! This track also blends futuristic and sci fi elements, making it great for space battles, and modern warfare computer games like Call of Duty.

Description: dynamic dramatic music featuring intense orchestrations with big hits, punches and thrilling sequences in the tradition of blockbuster movies.

Description: Powerful and punchy drum patterns create a thundering high tech soundtrack for a fast and furious world.

Description: A percussive action track with lots of electronic elements. Builds into an aggressive, punchy, repetitive rhythm.

Description: An aggressive electronic track with a balalaika, a very intense and suspenseful track great for trailer, commercials and action movie scenes.

Description: Serious tense and ominous orchestral film soundtrack track that develops in to dark mean conflict-laden and tense high-tech soundtrack. Featuring a full orchestral sound over electronic and industrial drum tracks. Suitable for warfare conflict chase sports action extreme sports. Not for the faint-hearted this is the antidote to easy-listening. Build up . Climax. Climax. Build up . Pile-up collision disaster catastrophe hazardous risky treacherous perilous.

Description: A short loopable section of epic strings and drums which can be used to set up some sort of conflict. Featuring drums, strings, and brass.

Description: This is your quintessential electronic orchestral chase music straight out of an action film. It uses huge drums, huge brass, epic strings and lots of electronica pulses.

Description: Dynamic action-adventure music featuring a rousing modern orchestral score in the style of a big movie studio soundtrack. Epic dramatic music designed for super hero movies, war films and documentaries, espionage, CIA and military themes, movie trailers and video games.

Description: Dramatic, epic action trailer. Super intense Hollywood blockbuster trailer - perfect to infuse action film / gaming projects with epic, dramatic and cinematic ambiance. Fusing orchestral and heavy rock elements into an intense trailer experience, this track features strings, brass and cinematic sub boom effects, as well as heavy metal guitar and a pounding drum kit.