Description: Action Theme is a powerful song created to generate excitement and a feeling of intensity. The instruments used in this song consist of a full orchestra as well as some intense percussion to create a cinematic feel. The song can be used in Trailers, videos, presentations, games, etc. We hope you enjoy it. Thank you for your time! Moods: Cinematic, intense, action, movie, fight, video, etc.

Description: If you want peace, prepare for war. High energy, dynamic, exciting and very fast ethnic percussion for any kind of your projects. I hope you like it.

Description: A very aggressive pure percussion and electronics track. Great for Trailers, Commercials and Action scenes.

Description: Determined, serious underscore track for political thriller or drama. Slight military or SWAT team feeling, going through preparations, moving into position, or being chased. Moderate intensity, mix of deep, dark percussion with orchestral and electronic sounds.

Description: Epic Inspirational Fantasy Adventure - Cinematic Epic Background Music! Inspiring epic adventure music with cinematic heroic action feeling. Cinematic Epic Fantasy Adventure is made for use as: cinematic inspirational background music, big epic advertising, presentation, commercial, epic dramatic video game trailer, majestic blockbuster, Olympic sports video etc. adventurous, advertise, background, big, cinematic, commercial, confident, contest, corporate, dramatic, drums, epic, fantasy, fast, film, glory, hans zimmer, hopeful, inspirational, inspiring, intro, majestic, movie, orchestral, olympics, piano, powerful, presentation, soundtrack, sport, strings, strong, successful, trailer, driving, optimistic, pompous, proud, video game, Brian Tyler, James Horner, James Newton Howard, John Powell, Michael Giacchino, Nick Phoenix, Thomas Bergersen, Two Steps From Hell

Description: Starting off with an intriguing ostinato and growing into a large, epic moment, "Heroic Quest" is a grandiose underscore for you hero. Featuring full orchestra with intense strings, percussion, and male chorus, this cue will provide the musical energy you need for your adventure. This would make a brilliant trailer.

Description: Rising I is a powerful hybrid track, with strong heavy rock elements, strings, synths and effects. This track is suited for trailers or any kind of energetic projects such as extreme sports etc. The track builds up until the end when the power is released for the finale. Beside the full 90 seconds version you can find two different 60 seconds versions, one 30 seconds version, and the instrumental version for each. There are also 2 heavy rock underscore versions, the first is 60 seconds long and the second is a loop. Thank you for listening!

Description: Cool Live Life, drive and positive, action packed parties, sports and fashion trends. We very much appreciate our customers and for your convenience, the archive contains several versions of this track. With a voice and without vote. long and short versions of the tracks. If you need high-quality samples and even shorter versions of the tracks, please contact us.

Description: Drama, Drama-Action, Drama-Suspense, Drama-Tension, Active, Action, Aggressive, Agitated, Anticipation, Big, Brash, Chase, Dangerous, Dramatic, Driving, Dynamic, Edgy, Epic, Evil, Excited, Explosive, Ferocious, Frantic, Horror, Intense, Urgent, Tension, Suspense, Sinister, Percussive, in a Aggressive, Exciting, Powerful mood, featuring Percussion, Orchestra, with a Fast tempo

Description: Sounds like a foot chase or hurried action. Indigenous drums and percussion make it perfect for natural locations as well as city streets.