Description: This is a massive, explosive orchestral trailer piece with huge percussion and a full choir.

Description: This is the ULTIMATE trailer music.You can not get any more EPIC and INTENSE than “Epic Cataclysm Trailer.” It features full choir, electronic pulses, guitars, and the biggest drums an orchestra will allow. The perfect trailer for your blockbuster.

Description: This is an explosive orchestral action track with pulsing electronic synths and huge percussion.

Description: Electronic composition, very descriptive and cinematic, for persecution scenes or situations with movement and action. A little bit weird, , also can describe a scene action from a sci-fi movie. Maybe a persecution.

Description: Pulsing, relentless, chase, mysterious, danger, climax, drving, guitar, pounding drums, bass

Description: Ready, steady, go! Fast, modern, catchy, addictive, futuristic and very inspiring and motivating piece of music. This energizing, stimulating, exciting and breathtaking track will add speed and adrenalin to your project! Perfectly suitable for action scenes, extreme sports, games, dynamic video projects, websites, science fiction, animations, background music, promotions, ads, presentations, cartoons, applications, commercials, soundtracks, movies, trailers, podcasts and more. I hope you like it.

Description: anxious, busy, campy, cautious, chase, cinematic, cold, curious, dance, dancing, danger, dangerous, dark, driving, dynamic, elated, energetic, flowing, frantic, frisky, futuristic, hard, hazard, hectic, jumpy, mechanical, moving, mysterious, odd, repetitive, risque, robotic, sad, scared, sci-fi, scientific, secret, secretive, serious, soaring, somber, space, strange, suspenseful, suspicious, techno, technologic, tension, thriller, trance

Description: Epic Journey - cinematic orchestral music. Epic inspirational track with energetic melody with orchestra. Perfect for epic, action, war, thriller, video game developers. Inspiring epic music, exciting intro, or battle scenes. Great for sports - competition, Olympic Games and other sporting events.

Description: Epic Story - cinematic orchestral music. Inspirational epic track with energetic melody with orchestra. Powerful, dramatic, into battle, brave and heroic. Perfect for action, war, action thriller, video game developers. Trailer music, exciting intro, or battle scenes.

Description: Descriptive electronic music very near to electronic New Age and Ambient style. Very good for descriptive situations and scenes: landscapes, nature and general documentaries. Also for corporate and some advertising. Visceral and calm, nice and eclectic.