Description: Relaxing ambient bells piece. Good for movies, commercials, promotions, or as calming background / intro, spa, massage companies

Description: creepy solo piano high notes.

Description: A short wacky hip hop beat with very computer-like noises and effects, this is a loop, for an unusual quirky soundtrack this is perfect for any media.

Description: This electronic track depicts weird and strange happenings, like an alien spaceship meandering in space. This track loops seamlessly.

Description: Trippy electronic track with cool beat and weird synths

Description: funky, trashy infectious cue.

Description: drums & FX sound design more with other tracks ABC,,,original music by french pro composer at 120 bpm for easy edits

Description: Sound of an alien control room atmosphere.

Description: This powerful ambient track is based on a strong innovative groove, accompanied by atmospheric pads and industrial bass. This track is about simplicity, power and visionary.

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