Description: An experimental work with classic computer synthesis. Reminiscent of early computer music from the 50's, 60's, and 70's, this very unique and somewhat dark work would make excellent background music for science fiction or anime.

Description: Retro drum machines create a pulsating bed over mutating synthesizers, all warning the listener of the impending doom that approaches. A glitch guitar solo violates the bridge section, then the track moves back to the A section to close it out.

Description: Ethereal and chaotic drum machines intertwine with random, retro synth sounds underneath piano and mellotron strings. Syncopated and strange.

Description: A solid electro beat that steadily gets more mutated by glitch-like effects and distortion. Accompanied by authentic 80's synth.

Description: Experimental, dark, intense and a little scary synth sounds that are all glitched out combine with classic drum machine sounds opening this song in a very unique way. The middle section is processed voice with rhodes piano, nearly solo, then back to weirdness.

Description: A simple drum beat manifests into something much more complex as delay and distortion are played with and bit-crushed synths accompany.

Description: An angry and intense drumbeat opens this dark piece. Echoing harp and dubstep style bass push the limits of your ears as you travel through this original and challenging track.