Description: Experimental hardcore electronic dance track with solid groove and raw, edgy synths

Description: Trippy electronic track with cool beat and weird synths

Description: A very cool sounding electronic house tune... Sort of in the style of Daft Punk... This is the first of many experimental tunes that I have been doing. This piece was inspired by the music by Daft Punk appearing in Tron Legacy

Description: Dark, mysterious electronic track with edgy guitar, spooky synths and solid beat. Great for mystery, suspense, action, sci fi scene.

Description: Canon by Georg Phillipp Telemann, modern Arrangement for two Synyhesizer and electric Drums

Description: The Fantasy of Epical Trance in Style of Disco 80th.

Description: Easy And Happy Melody For Ear to Remember. Song have popular ethnic acoustic instruments

Description: Sound of an alien control room atmosphere.

Description: Electronica track with bleeps and kizomba beats. Retro gaming, toys

Description: Electronica track. Tense, horror, headache, silly