Description: Dubstep meets 50s swing / Electro Swing.

Description: Electro Swing meets Dubstep, with a catch dance to boot. Soon everyone will be doing the 'Boogie Woogie'!

Description: A calm electronic instrumental building upwards to the refrain.

Description: Very soft electronica track with nice melody and intense groove. Soft waves of sound. Nice underscore for many kind of scenes.

Description: This electronic track depicts weird and strange happenings, like an alien spaceship meandering in space. This track loops seamlessly.

Description: Eerie uneasy electronic track with pulsating rhythm and interesting changes.

Description: dark electro synth pop track. hypnotic bass line, strange drums and choir.

Description: Dark, sparsely melodic electronic theme, featuring synthesizers and processed percussion

Description: dreamlike composition that builds and explodes into a mechanized industrial drive

Description: Experimental hardcore electronic dance track with solid groove and raw, edgy synths