Description: big trip hop beat, chinese pipa, upright bass, spacious mix, moog.

Description: This track is a powerful 8bit rock track with a dance edge backed up by powerful drums and deep electronic bass. The music is high energy, high impact and has a great lively and fun vibe. The beat is very infectious and this cutting edge and modern tune will add some serious cool to your videos.

Description: wet electronic techno percussion and fx.

Description: uplifting ambient dance between a guitar and soothing electronic sounds.

Description: creepy solo piano high notes.

Description: bubbly synth arpeggios with soft lead line.

Description: fast and booming electronic tracks , sequencer.

Description: A short wacky hip hop beat with very computer-like noises and effects, this is a loop, for an unusual quirky soundtrack this is perfect for any media.

Description: dance electronica hiphop beats with robot vocals.

Description: Dubstep remix that brings to mind nature, trees, fast motion scenery