Description: Emotionally tense & Slowly rising in volume and intensity, this ambientelectronic, new age piece is reminiscent of Tangerine Dream & Steve Roach. Percolating and interweaving synth textures breath in and out alongside reverb drenched piano and outer

Description: This electronic music uses wild melodies and echoing synths to create an amazing sound. The music is cool fusion of futuristic sounds and works great with a wide variety of applications including video games, tech, ads, future, and much much more.

Description: driving funky rythm using electronic kit and synths-lower graphic equalised.

Description: wet electronic techno percussion and fx.

Description: uplifting ambient dance between a guitar and soothing electronic sounds.

Description: creepy solo piano high notes.

Description: bubbly synth arpeggios with soft lead line.

Description: fast and booming electronic tracks , sequencer.

Description: A short wacky hip hop beat with very computer-like noises and effects, this is a loop, for an unusual quirky soundtrack this is perfect for any media.

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