Description: Power music in meditative mood. Experimental rock, I called this stile "synthetic rock", because only synthetic leading instruments are used. For video game.

Description: Experimental, electronic track, ideal for broadcasting news, TV programs, videos and more.

Description: Abstract, experimental electronic with strong drum beat.

Description: An experimental synth track with psychoacoustic elements. Great for trailer, commercial, documentaries and movies.

Description: Gentle dubstep experimental music with contemporary harmony and effects. Perfect for presentations, short animations or web pages background. Perfectly looped for continuous performance.

Description: Weird rythmic and suspenseful electronica.

Description: Energetic throatsong electronica.

Description: Scary and weird elecronic soundeffects.

Description: Midtempo hiphop track with nice bassline, edgy synt and a nice string theme. Perfect for fashion, catwalk or urban scenes. Nice breakdown, editpoints and buildup.

Description: Uptempo and thriving drums gives this dupstep inspired track its electronic edge. With good buildups and edit points this is perfect for fashion and sports programming.