Description: A charming, flowing, smoothly floating science fiction psychedelic track featuring a shimmering flute, electronic keyboard, electric bass weaving in and out of echoey swirling and reverberant synths. Useful track for advertising, publicity, promotions, marketing, and entertainment media projects.

Description: A fast, happy and rather quirky sci-fi track with a variety of synthesizers, electronic percussion and special effects. This cool techno piece is good for a news rejoiner, gadget themes, breakaways for adverts high tech oriented media projects, video game backgrounds or nu-jazz lounge applications.

Description: An ultra dark and heavy low end spooky track. An impending doom, sort of creeps along at the opening introduction then builds quickly leading to a full all out sonic takeover. Useful for graveyard scenes, halloween holiday episodes, closing credits, radio, film or tv ready. Features electric bass, electronic elements and percussion.