Description: Solid groove with funky guitar, catchy synths and mysterious strings.

Description: Emotional Piano is a gentle, inspirational and sentimental piece Perfect for adding emotion to your project! Suitable for projects of inventive, technology, creativity. Instruments features: Piano, Strings and Glockenspiel Thanks for listening

Description: Arpeggio, Exciting, Moving

Description: Cool, laid-back, quirky track with solid groove and catchy synths.

Description: Old school Hip Hop groove with mysterious, spacious synths. Ambient and quirky atmosphere.

Description: Mysterious piece with dark, ominous Christmas feel. Bells, percussion, strings and synths.

Description: Light and playful track with influences from medieval music. The song starts very simple with very straightforward beat and a melody played by a medieval sounding wind instrument. From there on the track continuously builds up and ends with a big finale and a recapitulation of the intro.

Description: Deep music track with industrial sound. Very atmospheric piece that is perfect for projectes connected with manufacturing processes, work of plant or factory, technoly and heavy industry. The piece is able to enhance the dark atmostpere of a video game or horror movie. We created this composition with drums, synths, guitars, e.piano, trumpet and fx.