Description: Emotional experimental music track to illustrate some event that evokes feelings like delight, disappointment, tears of joy and more. The hopeful amazing music track can be used in a project related to some sports event like FIFA 2018 World Cup in Russia or other competition, also commercial, corporate presentation, movie scene and more. The main instruments are drums, bass, guitars, piano, strings and synths.

Description: Fun positive experimental piece created with drums, bass, guitars, synths, scratch and claps. Unusual but catchy composition that can be used in a video game or mobile application, commercial, tv or radio program, some show related to Football Championship in Russia. Energetic and happy.

Description: Calm relaxing music track created with drums, piano and synths. Dreamy beautiful composition for commercials, documentaries, footages of nature, showreels and just as a background for your project or establishment. Don’t get lost in your dreams!

Description: This is a Sonic Texture background Music. Perfect for films and cinematic videos. If you want to hear more of my sonic textures , please, check my portfolio.

Description: Inspiring stylish music track. Minimal modern piece for visual art, traveling video, research or scientific project. Also will sound great in a corporate video or commercial. The experimental tune was created with drums and synths.

Description: beautiful guitar instrumental ballad

Description: Have a look at indigo sky full of bright flickering stars! So captivating and mysterious. Enjoy this calm beautiful melody created with drums, bass, e.piano and synths. This experimental piece will sound great in a video about beauty of nature, sky or ocean, sunrise or sunset. Positive calm melody for your creative work.

Description: Unusual track with various metallic sounds including chainsaw, tubes and percussion.

Description: Futuristic sci-fi or mystery track with synths, distorted guitar and percussion. Unusual, weird and catchy.

Description: Repetitive guitar riff in an Alternative/Indie Rock style.

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