Description: Extreme electronica. Drawing inspiration from harder and aggressive genres. Very dark and mysterious. Behemothian beats - hard like steel.

Description: electronic fun melody.

Description: Funky electronic jam with tribal percussive elements and moody synthetic flutes

Description: Forboding aural exploration into a dark cavernous underground

Description: This piece is inspired by the ever growing genre of Steampunk. A Victorian era steam powered sci fi world of gears, clocks, and old school electronic noise.

Description: Indian Raga infused with rock and vocals. Varied uses.

Description: Ghostly Theme tune for a paranormal show maybe

Description: A pulsating experimental hardstyle track with driving bass. Also suitable for a computer game involving lots of action, as in Wipeout or some other car game. This will fit your crazy any day of the year! Excellent for background music, web, video and presentations. Also ideal for commercials, fitness videos and motivational movies soundtracks. Finally, it's a great choice for your presentations, youtube video, promotional videos and marketing use.

Description: Quirky Sci-Fi instrumental with some feel good and eerie spots. Possible uses can range from commercials, sci-fi documentaries, trailers, etc.

Description: ambiental chillout mix.