Description: Experimental Strange Background - experimental modern background music with unusual sounds and airypads. Abstract movements create an image of reverie, strangeness but light lightness. The track uses unobtrusive strings, percussion, bass, clean piano, mute guitars, inspiring bells and various synthesizers. The main theme of the bright bells leads through the air strings to the logical ending chord. This track has a motivational and good mood. Main Genre: atmospheric music, ambient background, atmospheric texture, inspire ambient, wonderful music, experimental ambient, background, calm ambient soundtrack, melodic background, cinematic ambient slideshow, ambient music, motivational ambient experimental. Perfect fit for presentation, experimental background, video review, video blog, advertising, TV commercial and TV show, youtube blog, visual show, ambient slideshow, many more.

Description: Experimental cinematic tune, starting an intro with an electric piano patch arpeggios, echoed tuned bells, percussion and a flute naipe wild theme. The melody section presents an original harmony, organ and bass combination. Next section is similar to intro, increased by guitar ostinatto, and counterpoint. The final section presents a synth bass counter melody. Ideal for video productions, documentaries, landscapes, movie, theater, soundtracks, presentations, advertising and so on.

Description: Experimental music track featuring synth pads, bass and drums. The piece will create positive inspiring mood for your youtube video, podcast, mobile application, video mapping.

Description: Track with modern phone, media noises on a . You find this track with voices and announcements in my portfolio too

Description: Classic Mozart piece arranged for solo classical guitar.

Description: Daft punk - the dancing + some crack. Kinda sounds like a robotic nightmare.

Description: My first fully electronic track. Vision of empty planet. The Planet of Exile.

Description: Dramatic theme and intense piece of music

Description: beautiful contemporary electronic beats and textures.