Description: acid-rock song in the spirit of the old rock 70's taped, emotional and very modern interpretation of acid jazz, funk and rock. Sounds accompanied by a horn section and rhythm gruppy.Ochen well suited for installation on the hippies, old rock, LSD culture, modern video and film work

Description: The monster arrives. Uneven beat with interesting samples and funny synth sound as a lead. Accompannied by classical piano chords. An interesting and and experimental composition with a groovy beat.

Description: This electric-orchestral music features brass, lead brass, electric piano, electric bass, bells, viola, and synth strings. The harmonic approach of this song is influenced by post-Romantic composers before 20th century (ex. Debussy). The chord progression includes modal mixture (chords from parallel minor key). The feel of the piece is quite sad and longing. Suits for lonesome mood. *For questions and concerns, please email :) Composition and production by: heartnote Especially suits for: advertisement video, film, website bgm, tutorial, games, videogames, and apps.

Description: Hardcore, electronic, Euro-dance pop track. Mid-tempo dark, pumping, sleazy Euro beats - Perfect for Adult entertainment, nightlife or just simply dance. Features solid electronic beats & full fat sounding synths. Full mix, underscore, 30sec & 30sec underscore versions.

Description: An ultra dark and heavy low end spooky track. An impending doom, sort of creeps along at the opening introduction then builds quickly leading to a full all out sonic takeover. Useful for graveyard scenes, halloween holiday episodes, closing credits, radio, film or tv ready. Features electric bass, electronic elements and percussion.

Description: Corporate technological music. Music robots, music machines. Perfect for the advertisement of various kinds of goods, electronics, logo electronics, radio and television background music.

Description: This is an eerie haunting seascape piece.Could be used for any sinister haunting scene including space .Ideal for bringing in-out credits or documentary.Slowly fades out.

Description: Fading end to the Solstice sounds of the summer fading its like that music STV used to play at 2 or AM or some of the stuff from BBC Ceefax in the 80s

Description: Solstice sounds of the summer fading its like that music STV used to play at 2 or AM or some of the stuff from BBC Ceefax in the 80s LSD could be involved

Description: This is spacey intro sequence ambient with no beats, yet some how keeps a high energy rythm