Description: Experimental music with oriental male and female voices, train sound, piano, synthesizer, percussion and incus sound – mysterious, exotic and mystical.

Description: Ambient track with synths, overdriven guitar, piano. It has a sad mood, inducing to pensive thoughts about things which have passed, dark recollections, dreams that haven't come true.

Description: Powerful and aggressive composition.

Description: A music theme that takes the listener to a deep thinking trip from the very first moment it starts. Using hypnotic guitar melodies and a meticulous baseline, this audio loop is perfect for projects that want to show paranoia, hypnosis, something sinister or something traveling to the unknown.

Description: A sad, majestic cello music piece - a memory of all the people, who are already gone.

Description: Tranquillity and confidence

Description: Quiet beginning and dynamic continuation.

Description: Inspiration and pathos. Condition of a sure superiority.

Description: Transitional conditions strange

Description: Music for serious events. Dynamic and sure composition.