Description: A charming, flowing, smoothly floating science fiction psychedelic track featuring a shimmering flute, electronic keyboard, electric bass weaving in and out of echoey swirling and reverberant synths. Useful track for advertising, publicity, promotions, marketing, and entertainment media projects.

Description: A fast, happy and rather quirky sci-fi track with a variety of synthesizers, electronic percussion and special effects. This cool techno piece is good for a news rejoiner, gadget themes, breakaways for adverts high tech oriented media projects, video game backgrounds or nu-jazz lounge applications.

Description: Piano, strings, drums and upright bass. Instrumental piece that is dark and progressive.

Description: An original abstract music with vintage synths,brass, old school drums,glitch fx and hip-hop elements. The song is great for background.

Description: A long and winding Middle Eastern tale about a young boy who wants to sell his soul, is offered the opportunity, is defended by an Imam, then does it anyway.

Description: Another oldie-weirdo resurrected. Punchy pop-punk-trash.

Description: demonic, horror, thriller, scary, haunted, paranormal, ghosts, demons, vampire

Description: Driving and dynamic project in techno style with moombahton elements. Include strong moombahton style pompous drums, massive rhythmic bass with creatively modulation, cool vocal sample from vengeance essentials vocal vol.1 and couple of a shiny laser pluck sounds. Providing a cool and underground sounding soundtrack to your projects, also perfectly useful for every day listening.