Description: distorted guitar driven hard edge endurance.

Description: movie theme for guitar and orchestra - from the chimaera collection.

Description: The track is inspired by the classic 8-bit games 80s. Do you want to remember your childhood? This track will suit!

Description: Emotional Piano is a gentle, inspirational and sentimental piece Perfect for adding emotion to your project! Suitable for projects of inventive, technology, creativity. Instruments features: Piano, Strings and Glockenspiel Thanks for listening

Description: Dramatic theme and intense piece of music

Description: Dark ,forbidding , in the secret Club track. You want this one.

Description: Sexy erotic track with heart beat sound and beat. Picture forbidden sex

Description: Dramatic instrumental Electro-Rock with feel of Tension

Description: Sci-Fi Epic Music. This music features recorded and sampled machines/equipment from a factory. I edited and programmed the atmospheric and rhythmic audio and added a few other instruments to create the music. Captured audio files included guillotines, compressors, sheeters, hammers, fork lift trucks, shutter doors, slitters etc. Musical Machinery.