Description: Rearview Lover is an abstract midtempo song about a woman who can't seem to move forward.

Description: powerfull and magical theme, big action music for films, trailer, games, animation tv...

Description: A cool dreamy intro with electronic youthful vocals & cinematic piano breaks into a driving dynamic symphony. Mechanical military drums with a rousing deep urban dance club bass. The motivational, powerful & aggressive strings are energetic & exciting. The triumphant victorious brass are empowering

Description: quirky guitar instrumental.

Description: Experimental tech melo with complex drum

Description: An abstract, orchestral, atonal meandering improvisation, which hints at something lurking but without menace

Description: medieval influence & atmosphere. modern approach,.

Description: Game On is a laid back futuristic instrumental that lets you know that the game is on.

Description: Solstice sounds of the summer fading its like that music STV used to play at 2 or AM or some of the stuff from BBC Ceefax in the 80s LSD could be involved