Description: Solstice sounds of the summer fading its like that music STV used to play at 2 or AM or some of the stuff from BBC Ceefax in the 80s LSD could be involved

Description: Motivational, powerful and inspiring orchestral music perfect for movies, trailers, motivational videos, success videos and any other project that needs heroic and epic music.

Description: mod dance song melodic pop dreamy moving classic ballad.

Description: A nice track highlighted by tribal percussion and bamboo flutes. This track is very uplifting and relaxing, transporting you somewhere more beautiful than you could imagine.

Description: Hardcore, electronic, Euro-dance pop track. Mid-tempo dark, pumping, sleazy Euro beats - Perfect for Adult entertainment, nightlife or just simply dance. Features solid electronic beats & full fat sounding synths. Full mix, underscore, 30sec & 30sec underscore versions.

Description: The Anticipation is a midtempo track that leaves you wondering what you will hear next.

Description: Futuristic, Club, New Wave, New School, Dance, World, TV, Film, Video Game, Youtube, Movie, Soundtrack, Instrumental, Background, Music, Beat, Track.

Description: powerfull rock symphonique and electronic

Description: An experimental track that has a Kill Bill vibe. The distorted and muzzled violin solo gives it a dark and cold mood along with the cheap sounding guitars. The hip/hop rhythm drives the track along with the high lagotto strings. The instrumental has a dramatic feel.

Description: Novelty, Weird Shit, Dark, Quirky, Weird, Underscore, Eclectic, Wacky, Awkward, Crazy, Insane, Strange, Eccentric, Halloween