Description: Digital glitch logo with modern sounding. Contains glitches, particle motion, pulsation and electric field noises.

Description: Piano Trap is experimental and modern track in rock&trap style with deep piano sounds. This track featuring electric guitars, wide cleen piano, deep bass, abstract synths, drums, percussion, claps and fx. Excellent for YouTube videos, TV, movie, background music, websites, radio, games and more!


Description: Good stuff for video games, movie trailers and epic plot.

Description: Experimental cinematic tune, starting an intro with an electric piano patch arpeggios, echoed tuned bells, percussion and a flute naipe wild theme. The melody section presents an original harmony, organ and bass combination. Next section is similar to intro, increased by guitar ostinatto, and counterpoint. The final section presents a synth bass counter melody. Ideal for video productions, documentaries, landscapes, movie, theater, soundtracks, presentations, advertising and so on.

Description: A nostalgic/dramatic track, with a dedicated arranging, it's like traveling or crossing in a magical place. Electric piano, acoustic piano, strings, brass, woodwinds, drums, bass, oboe, cello and horn solos. Ideal for film scoring, documentaries, videos, theater, TV scoring, advertising.

Description: Dramatic Experience is a cinematic experimental piece, with an orchestral arranging, using various sample patches, like strings, horns, choir, modern section instruments like guitar, bass and drums. The intro have a strings ostinatto, cello and horn melody, developing to a guitar and muted trumpet solos, then have a final section with brass and choir phrases. Ideal for film and TV scoring, alternative video productions, documentaries, landscapes scenes, presentations, advertising

Description: "Retro Trumpet Balkan Tour” is another catchy and groovy tune, which features some warm trumpets and a nice breakbeat.

Description: The Fantasy on the Theme "Ocean Breeze"