Description: beautiful contemporary electronic beats and textures.

Description: Bermuda Square is an upbeat twisted song that takes you on a journey through sound.

Description: Peaceful and soothing electronic track with a slight melancholic touch. Space synths, orchestral strings and a cautious guitar figure combine to this beautiful piece of music. Perfect for nature, space and science projects.

Description: dance and techno.

Description: Paradise Electric is a midtempo instrumental track about a woman lost in an electric paradise of lights, sound and motion.

Description: techno future music.

Description: electronic track performed by robotic aliens around the cosmos.

Description: Rearview Lover is an abstract midtempo song about a woman who can't seem to move forward.

Description: slow jazzy track (electronic, slow, jazzy, klezmer jazz, dramatic, violin, drums).

Description: ambiental chillout mix.

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