Description: Bermuda Square is an upbeat twisted song that takes you on a journey through sound.

Description: Paradise Electric is a midtempo instrumental track about a woman lost in an electric paradise of lights, sound and motion.

Description: Rearview Lover is an abstract midtempo song about a woman who can't seem to move forward.

Description: Castle Lane Funk is a futuristic uptempo instrumental track that you ooking for a Savior in the distance.

Description: Game On is a laid back futuristic instrumental that lets you know that the game is on.

Description: The Anticipation is a midtempo track that leaves you wondering what you will hear next.

Description: Organized Confusion is an uptempo instrumental track that takes you on a journey of sound through different channels.

Description: New Awakening is a midtempo instrumental track that puts you in the mindset of a new day on a new planet.

Description: Homeless Man's Parade is a midtempo instrumental that is about a homeless man who gets close but can never seem to get it all the way right.

Description: Pop Rocks & Soda is an uptempo futuristic instrumental that wil leave you craving for more.

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