Description: melodic pop slow dreamy instrumental, the rainpals.

Description: melodic piano mod pop slow dreamy instrumental, the rainpals.

Description: strange, out there world that builds up to chaotic climax.

Description: minimalist haunting electronic ambiance with slowly evolving sounds interspersed with synth fragments and the odd percussive sound.

Description: a traditional irish waltz i just made up. pizzicato strings electric guitars and leprechauns.

Description: wild electric guitars and a manic beat. high energy uptempo insane breakneck metalic rock.

Description: a dark, lurking, ambient melody punctuated by the ominous plucking of a cello. mischeveous, rainy day music.

Description: light fingerstyle acoustic guitar leading to cello. great instrumental/commercial track.

Description: dark, tense piece. acoustic guitar builds to distorted guitars with beats and solo electric guitar. great music for a chase or fight scene.

Description: fingerstyle acoustic guitar with piano, building to include cello. nice relaxing and mellow commercial piece.

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