Description: 30 seconds: fingerstyle acoustic steel string guitar with a plucked melody guitar. nice relaxing and peaceful track.

Description: 30 seconds: light acoustic guitars with a twangy electric melody and jazzy bass. good commercial track.

Description: 30 second clip of guitar, mandolin and upright bass with a twangy, harmonized guitar melody line.

Description: 30 second clip of fingerstyle acoustic guitar. great track track for television commercial.

Description: melodic acoustic guitar building to include piano and hand percussion. great commercial or film track.

Description: Piano, strings, drums and upright bass. Instrumental piece that is dark and progressive.

Description: Acoustic guitar, piano, and fretless bass in a melodic and pensive piece that worlds great as background music in film, TV or other uses.

Description: Acoustic guitar, with fretless bass, synth pad and electric lead guitar that builds to a drum kit. Nice background music. Relaxed and mellow

Description: fingerstyle acoustic guitar with piano, building to include cello. nice relaxing and mellow commercial piece.

Description: dark, tense piece. acoustic guitar builds to distorted guitars with beats and solo electric guitar. great music for a chase or fight scene.

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