Description: short piece of a commercial. never used as such, it may work on yours! It's a little tune to dance to, with a beat and bass, drums and synth sound in a distance.

Description: 30 seconds: light acoustic guitars with a twangy electric melody and jazzy bass. good commercial track.

Description: Marching band drums corps at standard marching tempo.

Description: Romantic and emotional music. Nice and easy remember piano melody and love and passion you will feel.. Very useful to use in any kind of project like business and marketing, presentations, openings, video display, after effect projects, games, websites, corporate and commerce works, intros, logo or ident works, film trailer and TV projects...

Description: Unusual track with various metallic sounds including chainsaw, tubes and percussion.

Description: Tranquillity and confidence

Description: A nice track highlighted by tribal percussion and bamboo flutes. This track is very uplifting and relaxing, transporting you somewhere more beautiful than you could imagine.

Description: A very pretty choir piece with solo lines by a young boy supported by choir pads.

Description: A happy reggae track with a light groove featuring guitars, organ and electric piano.

Description: A forboding and dark religious track with gregorian choirs and low organ parts.

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