Description: short piece of a commercial. never used as such, it may work on yours! It's a little tune to dance to, with a beat and bass, drums and synth sound in a distance.

Description: 30 seconds: light acoustic guitars with a twangy electric melody and jazzy bass. good commercial track.

Description: Marching band drums corps at standard marching tempo.

Description: Unusual track with various metallic sounds including chainsaw, tubes and percussion.

Description: Tranquillity and confidence

Description: A nice track highlighted by tribal percussion and bamboo flutes. This track is very uplifting and relaxing, transporting you somewhere more beautiful than you could imagine.

Description: A very pretty choir piece with solo lines by a young boy supported by choir pads.

Description: A happy reggae track with a light groove featuring guitars, organ and electric piano.

Description: A forboding and dark religious track with gregorian choirs and low organ parts.

Description: A tranquil Hawaiian track with hand percussion anchoring beautiful hawaiian steel guitar, ukulele and vibes.

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