Description: Instrumental EP that transitions into a different song every 4 minutes or so. Perfect for creators looking to add urban ambience to their projects.

Description: Electronic, Trip Hop, Dark, Dreamy, Portishead, Psychedelic, Electronica, Ambient, Dance, Chillout, Experimental, Acid Jazz, Dub, House, Hypnotic, New Age

Description: from the album "greek spy" released in 2007.

Description: A Boards of Canada style instrumentation on a classic love ballad with a groovy verse and cinematic chorus.

Description: Track about space, with hypnotic sound, added a bit of acid. Conveys the atmosphere of the cold and mysterious space.

Description: trip hop, dub, scratch, experimental, indie

Description: An experimental electronic track that blends darkness, light, beauty and melancholy through different atmospheric passages. It also mixes several musical styles such as Trip-Hop and Ambient to create a unique sound. It is based off a short story I wrote some time ago titled Ciudad de plomo (Spanish for, literally, City of Lead).

Description: Powerful and emotional chillout ballad, very slow and mellow featuring the beautiful voice of Kate Walsh. Lotsa pads, acoustic guitars, drones and fx. Enjoy and please leave feedback!

Description: Tom Waits inspired sounds (marimba, accordion, upright bass) and modern electronic production with a very melodic epic ballad. Multiple sections with hooks and character.

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