Description: Sullen industrial trip hop instrumental for midnight superhero scene.

Description: The light floating feeling of coasting through nebulous gasses in deep space. Trip hop elements and a mellow feel.

Description: Tom Waits inspired sounds (marimba, accordion, upright bass) and modern electronic production with a very melodic epic ballad. Multiple sections with hooks and character.

Description: trip hop, dub, scratch, experimental, indie

Description: ambient and melodic downtempo and lo-fi. Instrumental

Description: Powerful, slightly chaotic rhythm with a strong bass line and light staccato sound of the other synthesizers.

Description: The original piece of music in the style of hip-hop with an unusual electronic solos and energetic synths. Powerful dance sound.

Description: Trip Hop-Ambient music. perfect for any projects.

Description: smooth trip-hop instrumental, with synths, piano, saxophone, percussion and drums

Description: It is a beautiful downtempo trip-hop track with calm and relaxing feel, featuring a piano, bass guitar, synth pads, heartbeat percussion and other stylish electronic sounds. Music is creates dreamy, melancholic and hopeful mood. This track will surely useful for a wide range of promotional media, advertising, slideshows, presentations, adventures, romantic, science and technology projects, urban life videos, nature scenes, slow motion, broadcast backgrounds and many others.