Description: electric acoustic jazz work.

Description: electronic, techno, dreamy, lasers, journey, club, dance, futuristic.

Description: Wide open spaces, tremolo guitar, and colorful rhodes make this track reminiscent of late 90's trip hop while still having a flavor and groove all it's own.

Description: Luxurious, laid back trip hop instrumental, a la Portishead.

Description: Abstract hip-hop beats with nice subtle melodies and some deep pads

Description: Down Tempo , tribe war march, - breack beat, percu, tambour,voices,industrial sound, (loopable)

Description: This chill out music is an amazing blend of high end style and elegance .The smooth melodies are complimented with a modern beat, and a great mellow groove. The music is a great modern sound that sets the mood for a wide variety of applications including retail, ads, luxury, fashion, travel, and much much more.

Description: Sullen industrial trip hop instrumental for midnight superhero scene.