Description: This track by All Out was made in 2011. Instrumental trip hop for acapellas.

Description: Contemplative eletronic track with a little electric guitar

Description: very slow 90s style instrumental trip hop track a la portishead or massive attack

Description: A Sci-Fi fun track that has keys, arp, FX’es, combo bass, beats and pads. Fits with many types of Cyber fun, kids alien, cyber punk, dance projects and production.

Description: Mid-tempo elecronica track with piano and lead analog synth gives special futuristic sensation to your creative projects.

Description: A downbeat track featuring cold beats, siren fx, scientific pads, electronic sequence, bass, synth. Fits with many types of Sci-Fi advertisement, production and much more.

Description: This is an Electronic Downbeat track followed by Sci-Fi elements. Fits with all types of Sci-Fi/Science nature-type production and much more.

Description: This chill out music loop is an amazing blend of high end style and elegance .The smooth melodies are complimented with a modern beat, and a great mellow groove. The music is a great modern sound that sets the mood for a wide variety of applications including retail, ads, luxury, fashion, travel, and much much more.

Description: Mysterious and intriguing. There are several parts in this tracks. There is an evolution from a calm atmosphere in the beginning to a much more powerful part towards the end.

Description: Dark electro-accoustic track with piano line and a hip hop / Trip hop beat. Enters very slowly untill the beats comes in. The track keeps its ackward, uneasy atmosphere untill the end. The strings at the end relieve a little bit the tension.