Description: A slow, hypnotic and mysterious dubstep trip hop. A laid back urban longing in a downtempo trip hop music. Dark, deep and meditative instrumental featuring blue break beat, broken hearted bass, rhodes and melancholic reflective feel. Best for modern loneliness and sadness, pensive moody emotions and hopeful smoky soulful scenes.

Description: A sad song in trip-hop style with beauty string section.

Description: You can daydream of being rich but the clarinet will wake you to the responsibilities of being caretaker of the estate. chimes, bells (no whistles)

Description: This electronic fusion music has a modern and cool vibe that is mellow and interesting. The plucky lead melody is contrasted with mysterious tone, and futuristic percussion. This music works great for a wide variety of projects including business, ads, television, technology and more.

Description: "Corporate 2 Drums & Playback Only" s a nice Chillout / Lounge tune which fits perfect to any media production. Listen also to the other versions of this tune on our portfolio.

Description: Slow dance and delicate electronic music

Description: Track written in the style of trip-hop! Fits for flash, web, games and other applications!

Description: Powerful and emotional chillout ballad, very slow and mellow featuring the beautiful voice of Kate Walsh. Lotsa pads, acoustic guitars, drones and fx. Enjoy and please leave feedback!

Description: A downtempo track, featuring smooth, filtered lo-fi beats, rhythm and wah-wah guitars, cool bass lines and analogue synth parts. It's perfect for projects involving urban themes, style or fashion.

Description: Trip Hop track with synth noise, lines and bleeps, electro drums, bells, and bass