Description: Edgy Dub track with trippy synths, samples and cool beat

Description: An intriguing instrumental track in the genres of ambient and trip hop, dreamy and provocative in mood, well-suited for visual scenarios imbued with mystery, exoticism, surprise, curiosity, and the challenges of the unknown and unsafe.

Description: 90's underground aka "sound alike" to sneaker pimp popular in commericals.

Description: Beautiful trip-hop theme, with a nice distort rhodes line & rich harmonies

Description: Urban, Electronica-Trip Hop, Electronica, Urban-Breakbeat, Funky, Electronic, Urban, Brash, Driving, in a Energetic mood, featuring Bass, Drums, Electronic, Machine, Synth, with a Fast tempo

Description: A big tobacco lobbyist is contemplating turning himself into the feds who are gathered outside his office door.

Description: A dark and cold trip hop track. Very cinematic and urban sounding. Drving in the dark city at night with a loaded gun and a big bag of heroin in the trunk. Those are the images that go with this track. The track ends with a very nice sounding string theme. Sounds like Massive Attack.

Description: scratchy loops with a strong melodic synth hook.

Description: This downtempo music combines an ethereal style with magical energy. The hypnotic plucky synth melodies dance while the punchy bass and drums add the groove. This music works great for film, television, fantasy, games and more.

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