Description: Feeling of the high flying

Description: Arpeggiated synths, electric piano and strings with bouncing drums.

Description: Sunken underwater feeling. Spacey synths, delayed drums, guitars.

Description: Energetic, Driving, Motivational, Thrilling and very cinematic music. Perfect for sports films or car commercials.

Description: This downtempo music combines a futuristic tone with mellow and ethereal vibe. The hypnotic synths dance to the beat as the creative sound creates a vivid and dynamic sound. This music works great for a wide variety of projects including tech, ads, television, business, and more.

Description: This electronic fusion music screams cool, smooth and sleek. The slow groove of the bass is complimented by an echoing mid range, and hypnotic melody. The music works great for a wide variety of applications including ads, business, presentation, television, website, and more.

Description: Slow, laid back pop groove with guitar and haunting strings.

Description: Electronica with mysterious string motive

Description: Trip hop sensitive track, perfect for TV projects. There are several parts in this track, a more tense and darker in the midlle. It is quiet repetitive and trippy.

Description: Track about space, with hypnotic sound, added a bit of acid. Conveys the atmosphere of the cold and mysterious space.

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