Description: peace, reflection, search, mellow,

Description: atmospheric, ethereal, calm, serene, voices

Description: action, aggression, confident, stubborn

Description: Slightly dark uptempo dance track with a compelling, strong synth lick. Underscore version (drum and bass mix).

Genres: Royalty Free Music , Trip Hop Downtempo

Description: It is a beautiful downtempo trip-hop track with calm and relaxing feel, featuring a piano, bass guitar, synth pads, heartbeat percussion and other stylish electronic sounds. Music is creates dreamy, melancholic and hopeful mood. This track will surely useful for a wide range of promotional media, advertising, slideshows, presentations, adventures, romantic, science and technology projects, urban life videos, nature scenes, slow motion, broadcast backgrounds and many others.

Description: A dub and hip hop instrumental track with chill and funky elements, conceived as incidental music for 60 sec and 30 sec lenght advertisements. Also 2 loops of 60 and 34 seconds included as alternative versions. It suits well to underscore scenes with elegant people, both in ADS, corporate and movies

Description: A Sci-Fi fun track that has keys, arp, FX’es, combo bass, beats and pads. Fits with many types of Cyber fun, kids alien, cyber punk, dance projects and production.

Description: Electronica-Trip Hop, Electronica, Rap, Rap-Gangsta, Urban, Urban-Hip Hop, Hip Hop, Sinister, Heavy, Dark, Bad, in a Confident mood, featuring Synth, Drums, Electronic, with a Slow tempo

Description: Trip Hop-Ambient music. perfect for any projects.

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