Description: Trip hop Downtempo electro Dark madness song with a woman and man voices

Description: Trip Hop : Influence portishead, Massive attack, Tricky .. Track with woman voice.

Description: Walk in the desert , downtempo march with industrial/trip hop rythm, tabla,sitar,ghost voices , flute ..

Description: Down Tempo , tribe war march, - breack beat, percu, tambour,voices,industrial sound, (loopable)

Description: Trip Hop / Down Tempo Influence: portishead, Massive attack, Tricky .. Darkness track with melancholic woman voice.

Description: Trip hop /Martial /down tempo song with lyrics voices woman,

Description: Trip hop / Ambiant /down tempo Dark song with lyrics voices woman / man

Description: Downtempo Trip hop Electro Song with lycrics voices woman, string, piano,sound electro,fx,

Description: Dark, electro, break, piece

Description: Downtempo,trip hop,electro,rhodes,ambient,guitar wha wha,,percussion,sound fx

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