Description: progressive, trance, club, night, electronic

Description: psytrance, goa, trance, psychedelic, goatrance

Description: electronic voyage, looking for life beyond what we know.....just preview it!.

Description: Piano trance with driving melody circa 1995

Description: dive into the blue depths of this trance classic. very similar to tiesto!.

Description: A cool trance combining various music styles. consists of atmosphere guitar solo and acoustic drums. Catchy melody and dynamic leads.

Description: percussive intro leads to a rolling piano with organ bass - catchy melody.

Description: This track is the beautiful pulsating sound of cosmic synths. Fantastic trance music. Rich harmony and melody.

Description: Progressive Trance, very dynamic and powerful with lots of fx, bass, leads and pads. Works magic in various presentations where fast paced music is required. Check out my portfolio for more tracks like this.