Description: trancey synth song that creates excitement and tension.

Description: This music features techno beats, electric synth leads/bass through delay effects, and 16th-note melodic figure in electric bells. The rythmic figure of synth and the electric bass are influenced by Electronica, especially by dance music. Suitable for bright and happy mood. *For questions and concerns, please email :) Composition and production by: heartnote Especially suits for: advertisement video, film, website bgm, tutorial, games, videogames, and apps.

Description: Modern melodic trance track with full of emotion. Works great as a background track with some exciting footage. :) Thanks for your support!

Description: fullon, dark, night, psychedelic, trance, experimental

Description: A high energy, tech trance track, featuring pumping beats and electro textures. Perfect for action, sport or any dynamic video sequences or project where a sense of energy is required.

Description: Just like the title of this track, I had a tough time finalizing this one. It seemed like it was fighting me the whole time. I thought about scrapping it, but that's not what I'm about. This track is going along and minding it's own business when all of the sudden it seems to be taken over by a voodoo ritual. Would go great with a "ritual" scene or something darker, such as a haunting.