Description: It transmits a lot of serenity ... if you want to relax listening chillout, ambient pads, a guitar all manipulated effects, beautiful synthesizer sounds, old electronic and lead psycho ..a mixture of chillout and atmospheric sounds very mystical and melodic all a particular melody, you can combine the ambient, but also the beautiful and intriguing cinematic ..strana ..pace and love ..

Description: The feeling of another world completely nonexistent, Psybient, chillout, ambient ..All a mixture of magical sounds and transparent, for total relaxation, and as the awakening of another part of us .from mysterious soundtrack, and a low enveloping the entire monument made sound and emotional poetry ..

Description: dancing on psychedelic sounds That make up piece That I will dance, cheerful, happy, this is a song That sounds chillout, ambient, with many psychedelic sounds Which alternated so different, the effects are multiple, a chain of sounds, very cartoonish fantasy style psybient enjoy it

Description: Unreal World - Moonlight. Love world fantasy ,mystic sound pad cinematic ,fantasy magical settings of rich guitar effects guitarscape atmospheric sounds

Description: ambient electronic sounds, visual sphere is a mixture of electronic and chillout, there are many changes, very suitable for chill styles, carton, game .. style chillout trance many changes very calm tone, there are sounds that can be matched to any style from cartoon to the more cinematic hybrid space trance electro ..

Description: Suspended in the air, the title really describes this track. a pad that is splendid .between psychedelic and very calm atmospheric sounds that inspire peace and love, which fills the atmosphere and really very beautiful, very trance pads, fluids beautiful, effects, sounds good vibes, bass can not miss acid , especially acid sounds, the whole composition evolves, a song that makes you feel good, this is the effect of the pad 90 years old ... old school, a carpet that leads into another horizon ... love

Description: Here we are in a world of aliens, sounds absurd acids That he composed this piece, a trip and a trip without return, goa in catalyzed version, I lowered the time, the style is very dark and raw, acid sounds are so many types, the aliens, scary effects, this is a slow track goa ... a mixture of psychedelic sounds you really intrippano mind ... listen and travels ..

Description: Pure joy that interferes with progressive trance, aliens, monsters, a fantasy world sci fi, unknown planets and acid sounds of all kinds, psychedelic, strange but powerful, the colonization of other living species, aliens, monsters of all kinds. ..but with the synth magic that will open the doors to other dimensions ..

Description: Deep music, for experimental projects. Let me know, if you like this track. Thanks

Description: trance, progressive, house, uplifting, club, EDM