Description: This music is ideal for computer and video games in the style of Action and Arcade (for kids). Looped/Loopable/Seamless

Description: Background music for computer and video games in the style of Action and Arcade. Looped/Loopable/Seamless

Description: Happy, upbeat electronic music, ideal for news podcasts,tech videos, soundtrack for short promotional videos.

Description: High tech electronic background music for technology projects, innovation, inventiveness and engineering, corporate presentation, commercials and product videos.

Description: Action Sport is a powerful, rhythmic & energetic music with adventure mood and sport atmosphere of dance music. The music of action sport mood can be use for movie, commercial and promotional, marketing videos, trailers, and many kind of styles. Adventure and power fresh track will be good enough for discovery channel, advertising and films, personal videos with friends and sport family. Dance energy tune also nice for action films, great for sport, holiday and commercial games, promotional, marketing video, advertising and party.

Description: An 80s inspired dance track, Synth Dance is a driving energetic and emotional track made of retro sounding drums, synth electro bass and various retro and modern keyboard sounds.

Description: Get your candies before the movie starts. Probably will have nothing when it starts.

Description: High Energy style instrumental track

Description: High tech electronic track dedicated to technology, innovation, science and engineering. Perfectly for high tech and technology related projects, commercials and product videos.

Description: Ambient corporate minimal soundtrack for business video, presentation, slideshow, Youtube video, technology projects, medicine and other themes with soft and calm background.

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