Description: Cinema, Drama, Electronica, Electronica-Techno, Active, Adventure, Ambient, Atmospheric, Percussive, Mysterious, Expressive, Feel Good, Fun, Technological, Futuristic, in a Energetic, Exciting, Confident, Mysterious mood, featuring Synth, Effects, Percussion, Bass, with a Fast tempo

Description: Aggressive techno-industrial track careening through space and time with some tense and explosive highlights.

Description: electro dance track. perfect for all your music needs

Description: techno dance track with japanese influence. uplifting, feel good.

Description: Dance techno music with jungle sound in the background

Description: A techno track that evolves into a psychedelic fast past driving beat which progresses into a stereo melody before grinding to a halt.

Description: med Cool, Sexy Synths Gaga / Keisha

Description: Crazy time machine is a fast electronic pulsating track great for dancing or a film scene with fast cars or motorcycles.

Description: Hypnotic and mesmerizing, this electrified tune pulsates with vibrant synth elements. There are two contrasting parts. One contains sounds typical of trance music while the other has a more traditional melody with a technological flavor.

Description: hard house music for a cinematic chase scene. dark, fast, intense.