Description: This piece is ideal as background music for a presentation that needs a modern or cutting-edge ambiance. The Electric component pans back and forth creating depth and the beat is steady and forceful, giving any presentation a stable foundation in sound.

Description: This is a wonderful sound for an action-packed presentation. The sound is defiant and revolutionary. Chases and heroes come to mind when listening to this piece. Cutting-edge presentations are perfect with this piece.

Description: From the beginning, this piece creates a dreamy atmosphere. Ideal for presentations involving fast 3D animation, this piece provides a lot of energy and will get the audience fired up. This piece can also be used in any presentation involving space and sp.

Description: This piece is about extreme contrasts. It begins with a choir chant and enters into a psychedelic trance sound. Presentations with fast moving images or mind-altering effects would work very well with this piece.

Description: This energetic piece can be used with any presentation that employs fast moving images or animation. The sound is somewhat psychedelic as well making it ideal for presentations involving sharp contrasts in motion and color.

Description: Dark in nature, this piece creates a moody yet spacious ambiance. The bass is frantic and deep. Presentations employing dark colors or themes associated with night, mystery and cutting-edge artwork would go well with this sound.

Description: This piece could have been easily placed in the World category as well; however the electronic sounds and its rhythm landed it in the Techno section. Presentations that require some ethnic element to them would go well with this piece. Presentations that.

Description: This piece has some ethnic element largely due to the Melody component. Presentations that are meant to excite the audience without taking themselves too seriously would work well with this tune.

Description: This piece has lots of energy and can be used in just about any presentation that requires an aggressive and energetic sound. The sound infers cutting edge products or services for serious consumers and not for the light-hearted.

Description: This piece belongs on the dance floor. It is ideal for high energy, toe-tapping presentations that intend to excite the audience. Presentations involving products or services associated with image and creativity would work well with this piece.