Description: techno dance track with japanese influence. uplifting, feel good.

Description: A techno track that evolves into a psychedelic fast past driving beat which progresses into a stereo melody before grinding to a halt.

Description: Crazy time machine is a fast electronic pulsating track great for dancing or a film scene with fast cars or motorcycles.

Description: hard house music for a cinematic chase scene. dark, fast, intense.

Description: Headbanging pounding techno with trancey backing, perfect for an underground party.

Description: Modern techno beat with swirling synths.

Description: fun, bright, bouncy dance track. progressive and changeable. gets you moving! great workout track, motivational and animated. excellent for a club, dance or rave scene.

Description: strings with techno, minimalist.

Description: Alien Technology Loop is classic electronic music style loop. Sounds like old-school techno. It has a forcing, anxious and terrifying mood of apocalyptic future, outtaspace threat or technological disaster. The instruments used are: persisting analog synth lead supported by old-school drum machine and deep bass. Analog style arpeggios make the restless atmosphere, with synthetic strings sounds complementing.