Description: Swirly and determined techno - trance. Strong forward drive moderately excited. Medium to up-tempo. Spacey synthesizers electronic drum machine beats relentless and energetic. Good for driving racing sports / action workout / exercise / spinning extreme sports / skydiving / base jumping and any colorful high energy media production timelapse footage cityscape and more.

Description: Mysterious electronic downtempo beats with pulsating and stuttering synthesizers. Science technology future forensics laboratory with a sense of mystery and scifi.

Description: Surreal techno track with heavy driving drum beat

Description: tech house, electronica, club, minimal, deep house, techno, experimental

Description: minimal, techno, tech house, house, club, night

Description: This dance music features 3 violas, square synth lead, and the club bass. Power lead goes throgh delay plug-in, suggesting groovy beats. The melodic line of harp is influenced by Western classical music. Suits for serious and dramatic mood. *For questions and concerns, please email :) Composition and production by: heartnote Especially suits for: advertisement video, film, website bgm, tutorial, games, videogames, and apps.

Description: Great background for presentations and exhibitions. 0:00 - 1:32 - Full theme. 1:32 - 1:47 - Loop

Description: Acid Techno track with a melodic build up and hard edged 303 sounds. This song is influenced by the 80's rave movement. It would suit fast action scenes with a futuristic element.

Description: Explosive and aggressive trance-industrial track with air blasts and angsty synthetic rhythms.

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