Description: Great background for presentations and exhibitions. 0:00 - 1:32 - Full theme. 1:32 - 1:47 - Loop

Description: Professional music of studio ForteFill. The musical composition with bells, synthesizers. It’s medium, Techno/Trance, Relaxation, Drama. The mood of music is memories of childhood and parents, sweet tune from the past

Description: Modern techno beat with swirling synths.

Description: strings with techno, minimalist.

Description: Alien Technology Loop is classic electronic music style loop. Sounds like old-school techno. It has a forcing, anxious and terrifying mood of apocalyptic future, outtaspace threat or technological disaster. The instruments used are: persisting analog synth lead supported by old-school drum machine and deep bass. Analog style arpeggios make the restless atmosphere, with synthetic strings sounds complementing.

Description: Cool, relaxed, yet driving short melody. Perfect for YouTube intros (Longer version of original piece). I was inspired to write this after watching game footage of Grand Theft Auto V.

Description: Upbeat techno/dubstep party music. Perfect for YouTube

Description: Bass-heavy source music for a late-night rave or pursuit scene. Vocal credit: Susan Hancock.

Description: Mystical Electronica is an exotic, lively and mysterious piece of music, with drums, synthesizer and keyboard.

Description: Party People is a happy, uplifting and cheerful piece of music with drums, synthesizer and keyboard.

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