Description: Strong 909 kicks, snares, claps, and hats, old-school breakbeat drum and percussion loops, percussive vocal hits, thick analog moog synth bass, powerful synth stabs, big rise build-up synths, trancey synth chords, and a filtering 303 acid synth line / Perfect cue for any TV show or Film that needs pounding old-school 90's rave techno

Description: Old school techno drum machines, a driving lead synth stab, low analog synth bass, a old school techno vocal loop, and sound FXs / think game, film, TV, or cartoon

Description: SP-1200 style electro drums, reverb drum hits, old school techno synth stabs, and low sub bass / think old school detroit techno

Description: 909 kick & rim hits, a crisp high-hat, and a funky high-hat, a lead synth in the vein of Orbital, and funky acid bass and keys / think video game or cartoon