Description: This is a hard-hitting electronic breakbeat / hip hop track with a prominent sitar riff, tense strings and gritty rhythmic drive. Filled with energy and a phatt moog bass, this cool and urban soundtrack is great as background music for a variety of uses from tv shows, high-energy sports and fast-cut visuals to short adverts for a business. Lots of cuts for easy editing.

Description: An edgy and cool track that has a fat warm bass and cutting electric guitar lead and has a sheek urban and filmic feel to it. This track features live electric guitar, organ and a raw synth bassline with a funky feel. Medium paced with a touch of jazz, this interesting song is great for evoking emotion and perfect for background music that needs an edge to it, particularly TV/film/radio productions.

Description: An upbeat, feel-good electronic track with a medium tempo that has a sexy vocoder voice. Good for using in a variety of contexts from corporate videos to virals and for soft bit pleasant builds.

Description: Energetic opener background music that is perfect for corporate and fashion videos, technology reviews, product placements and news programmes or game shows. Big bass, arpeggios and synths combine with an explosive rhythm that climaxes in this powerful and modern EDM soundtrack.

Description: This track is an upbeat, powerful, happy and motivating house track that will inspire and generated a feel-good and positive vibe. Great for presentations, productions needing a bit of drive and happiness. Kicking drums combine with modern-sounding synths, violins and a warm synth bass. TH piano has a clear and memorable melody. Medium tempo and great for use in a variety of contexts from corporate videos to virals and for adverts and idents.

Description: Big and powerful, this track is a great accompaniment to city visuals, fast-paced action, funky retro scenes and other films or audio programmes (podcasts, radio etc) that require a background of energy to drive things along. Funky bass and guitar push this fast tempo track along. Great for use in a variety of contexts from corporate videos to virals and for adverts and idents. Particularly well-suited to extreme sports, martial arts and other fast-motion visuals.

Description: Powerful, crunching, cool and explosive - ELECTRIC SKIING has a similar feel and flavour to the transformer-style robots dancing in a car advert that was released not long ago ;) Big breaks, rises and a raw bass line help drive this uplifting dance / breakbeat track with plenty of tension. Urban and electronic with a fast tempo and great for use in adverts, upbeat dance visuals, high-energy sports videos and virals / idents.

Description: This is a big anthemic soundtrack that builds and explodes into a punchy, high energy and addictive dance track. Good for positive and high-energy / uplifting productions like for business, tv and radio adverts / commercials. Visuals needing a lift will benefit from the chorus that kicks in strong with an upbeat drumbeat.

Description: A cool, upbeat, dark yet feel-good electronic dance track that drives a serious rhythm. Has ethnic touches for an interesting flavour. Medium to fast tempo and good for use in a variety of contexts from corporate videos to virals and for adverts and idents.

Description: Punchy, powerful and catchy, this technology-rich electronic trance track is fresh, epic and has various climaxes to sync with your production. Ambient textures weave in and out of a heavy heart-beat kick drum with synth arpeggios and a choir-like pad. Great for use in a fashion video with catwalk shots, technology reviews, documentary and ads where high-energy is needed without interfering with your message.

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