Description: break beat with piano and heavy electronics

Description: Eerie and out there, cool rhythm section with electric piano, fretless bass and electronic beats, scraping metal sounds run through guitar effects

Description: Dark and brooding, electronica, techno-industrial, gothic

Description: Atmospheric and experimental, otherworldly or post-apocalyptic drones with steamy noise

Description: Synth-pop, with a bit of a dark edge, great hooks

Description: A weird exposition under the ocean, electronica with a twist

Description: Vaguely arabian scale with strings and a syncopated rhythm, hip-hop beat, synth bass

Description: Soft piano cello and solo violin, reflecting regret, longing

Description: strong tempo and moderately paced Industrial-electronica piece for movement scene

Description: Orchestral, urgent, strings, horns, xylophone, tympani, snare drum

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