Description: A determined solid drum line anticipates better times with accompanying synths.

Description: Melodic electronic music invoking pictures of driving, traveling at night.

Description: Skiing on perfect powder, sailing on sea foam, snowboarding to the horizon, surfing on a perfect day.

Description: I am not sure why the Beagle in the background is essential, but listen and you will agree, also - nice flute.

Description: This would make a great skateboard, motocross crash montage. I tried it with some stock footage.

Description: Kicking back on a leather lounge chair, with a single malt, and a smoke. Gazing out on the smoke stacks over at Reardon Metal.

Description: positive, upbeat, melodic electronic music. Reminds me of Boston Garden, and Boston Common.

Description: This aint no peace train we are on. We are heading out to break things.

Description: A melancholy reminiscent repeating melody with a contemporary yet retro electronic beat.

Description: You can daydream of being rich but the clarinet will wake you to the responsibilities of being caretaker of the estate. chimes, bells (no whistles)

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